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In dieser Serie erzählen wir davon. Der literarische Horror wurzelt im späten Jh. Hier ist er als romantisierende Wiedergeburt einer archaischen Vergangenheit im Zeitalter der Aufklärung zu.

März, um Beste Spielothek in Pischelsdorf finden Uhr und endet voraussichtlich. Mehr über folgende Orte erfahren: Josef Maurer, Schloss Freiberg.

Page 1 Page 2. The dlmlontlTe of HmiAttt, French a llak He dUd, Dec ij, CinooD were at flrit made of Iron ban, aoldend together, and cncompancd with hoopt.

Tbey were alao made occauinully of leather, lined with platca of braat Braai canooa were flrtt founded by one Owen ao Engliibmao.

The alH of them wai greatly kucaed, iftor the art of making itniig gna-powdcr wii fonnd oat. Muttcti were then oiled band-camtim.

The Poke of Orlcini hod many of them lo hti army, A. At the ilege of Atraa, A. Nam mihl fait cum eo quogdam In oibc' ScdcdiI dotneatica coniuetudo, qua umpnre a nobja In rhetonun przceptia, Oraeanldaque Uteria ei' crcebitur.

Denm Immoitalem i qaam vdoz, qnain felli, qaon r: Andletnt dtcendl pntcqiti, et pnucrlpio ibeiaalc decUmabat, pulter ct cilunnm txacens et llDsaun.

Id Hbtorleonun leAlonl dibit. Nim bie eognfdoDe pneclpue ea- pfcbinu'. Vcreenadl more cranl, ilc timcn ut tntram agnoicerci prudEDtlvn.

Nlbll non leatlebit, permulU dtntmulibal, nee unqiun id Irienndlim potent Incltarl. Tanti ent nituKB lenltii, inlmlqne moderetlo. Utloim lutem In pireatem C3.

Comkxiu ett tn twUuD. Nlnlan in the cburch oC W The Queen. He wai afilihop, and a Confeuor, andUred atTayne. In the old brerlary of Aberdeec, there li an office and le- gend of thii ulM, wUoh cBomcratM the mltaelea wmmght by him; and HMntioni paRlcuUrly that of hli augmenting the quantity of There li a ebnrch dedicated la him, to whieh there wat a great KKin of pdgMnu on hit feait-diy , Match t, gften ipoken of by the Smteb Unoriani.

He roae eattf the Belt tnorlilng, and rode 40 milM to St. Datback'i, In Rom, and wai there time cnongh to bear tnaai, aid rtcdre the Mcmment, and to vlilt the lalnt'i ihrioe.

Angnit Jilt, aeeordlng to Hollnabed, iCat that talnt'a feitlial-day. In the Edlobnrgh altnanaclc, Mireh the Sth, li St.

Duthach'a feaal ; bnt poiatbly, like St. Cnthbert, he might have had two fcaata la the year. Aa the reader wlU not think ihli a matter of great eonae- 9nence, we will eoqolre no hrtber about It.

Thli King made other pilgrimagu to boly placea. If not alone, U teait on foot. TJie reader will Dbiore, iD.

It it Dot est r to Bod out, nor! Hemo aoUu latli wpit. In thji Poem than we could have eipedted.

For a great many coplei of venei might be pioducedi written before Donne's tine. Wallet him- adf owned, that he wai Indebted, fM the harmony of hU nnmben, to Falrfu, who lived in tbe time of Jneen Elizabeth, to whom he dedicated hli tranilation of Tauo.

Whole bniband being dead, Within a yeere, or Mtncwbat more. An other did her wed. To ibew whaL bappe to ber befell, My mnie doth now begin.

It ehannced that a tcholler poore, Attirdc In conrie arraye. If thu Iche dorit Pmnnie to ba ta. Shee prtTing hltn, in tameitwne.

Them ufelf to convcf, Did geve him moacy la Ui punc: And to he went bit wvy. And him ifirfe eaphle. Till he the man had overtane.

So long the boTK to nay. They aerer aerred any good itntpoae. He ftolahed alio the prcaent cathedral chnreh of Durham, which wu begiin by bla predeceoor, 'William de Sanfio Carllepho, A.

Flamberg alio buUt Franiwclgale- bridge. He late 19 ycara, and diod A. He wai Blibop 41 years, and died A.

Cnthben lay burled, tome endeavoured to convey hli body bc- food tea, but the wlndi ttanding contrary, tbcy, with all due re- vcrenee, depodted the tacrtd body at Ubban-fbrd, near the river Tweed; where It lif for many yeart, till the coming of King Etbclred.

Thlt and other mtttert were taught me by Oeorge Cirleton, bom ' nt thii place, ton to the keeper of Norham Cattle. George Carlcton wai mtlniained at ichool, and at Osbrd, by Bern.

TbactwotominHtckunk 4bc Bbbop tiillt. LU f kepi pice with ibatr iMtculBt wtakh. Id bolti King Henry, out of a private lobby, where he had placed blmaelf, the invlilble ipedator of t ic Abbot'i bebivlonr.

I have turcd yon oTyonraqucamiih itomach, and here, aa 1 deaerve, I demand my reward for the aame. It wu tald, that there were more in Eng- land than In any country In the world of Itt blgncit.

IJt ud wuud than tU. Miny an old MS. Cardinal Pole told Aacham, that he had been bif ontied, that thla work of Cleero waa In Poland, and that he had aem a man on pnr- poae thither, at the eipenie of a thosaind golden ctowna, ahont pool.

About he tfina thM Henrr tapptenei the imatttriei,. Bat it eiciptd the hioda of. Fletcher, bther of the bDMu druiatk pMt, obtained, A.

She onee found fanlf with blm for cnttloi Ui beard too diori: If he had known tt. He hath therefore the greater tb. The tUrd of the deviTa ma- Ungi when two old fUka were married, not for Mmfort, bat for coretoaaaeia, and ineh they ufd wai tUi.

The aon of thia Dr. Oodwyn waa Blihop of Hereford. Ib hNt, it wm r epM tu J. Accotdlnglf we find from the reeordi of be paicnt-oficc, that the eatr.

Thia bdt I not nentiinKd brtheMMarlm. Prodltor iDquc too peCcret cum prsmia regno Mori teelerl eit mercei rcddlta dlgni auo. OTcrcoUE by nuuiy C3.

Cothbtft'i dncki, no where sUe to be fbvnd In Oten- Bcimln. It haib been ventiraed above, that St. Cnthbcn wa at Noriiam.

Whether be at laat dlilihed hit damp all be wai bulled near a well, which now bean hi [ Iher bdog only MTCD rnOci from the ica, he be ui Tlilc from hla old foea the Danei, la not at preaent known: We cannot find, after the moat SBgat Inquiry, how loO be abode there.

To proceed with St Cnthbert. In ibart, he unreaaonablf op- pnued theibatadenaftliepoor monka, who carried him there- on, froM lUmouth into.

Yorkahlxe, theif to Cbeiter, and thenee to DarluiB,irtiere,channed with the eueedlnglrddlghtfiildcaatlon thereof, he alept In peace, lae muij fttn.

Aldwla'i choTch wu dedicated September 4, A. Fabellim, morlen , UU iu hibere UccndkBl. Cotbbert, If thou an a wlnt, prar for me. The bottom of it wai Indented in five parta; oo.

TbeUng8ed,BndwH takcDbrthe eotuury-people, and brought to the prlnee, who put hla into a prlion. In which he died of grief.

The prince atcribed hli TlOoty to the lafaic'i banner: Edmund, made an acknowledgment irf Ui proteOkn, and decent retnini to the abbot and monkiof the con- vent.

CiMa itae, for u riu. Henry, IiOtd CllKml, gf CHSbrd, wboae father wu data on the day before the battle of Towtoo, wai remaifcablf pr eier r- ed, from the fary of the Dokc of Yorfc, who would have UBcd bf m, upon Bccowit of the cmettlei which bii father bad commit- ted.

Hnah 1 there la the widf. The retnlrhi npcm the abore I. I ahall here glTc an bticilptlan, I bellere hitherto nnprtnted, upon a Roman dtar.

Tetlni VeCurlas Mlclanut Prxf. Votum nWens, lubeoter, pDiuIt. Mklanui, general of the Sdi. B Weardale; probably near the place where thli moo- imiaa boar wai killed.

To retum to the abore aald dldtloaarf. It would be Ibe more neceaaary, at tUi time, u the EogUth tongne b generally taught In the actioali of Scotland, and perhapa will be mdvenally apoken there.

Why might not onr poeia, who train hard to find wordi. Keltc oF uiclent Sogllik Foeirf , ad elMga, p. Shabeyaf e, Henrr IV. Wuh for hogh Uwmir.

Any thhig tbrswn away. I can gleefc opon oceariopj i. The broth, thM taken ont, ii called the inlaif winn. Oie me beer, and gle me grofi, And lump!

Twdftb Night, aft i, aceoe 3. A Utdc klod of butard hawk. ZdHA, a fwaiEioDi metal. All'a well that Eadi well, ad 4, Kene 5.

Men trc to uell with i 1. JhTrtf to mix, to mingle. In the Konh called tIaaiUI. Secood Pan of Henry IV. Street kDlght, I Uu Ibjr nirfi i.

Plitol wanted to klii Fabtaff's domeatlck tnlitrrtt, Doll Teataheet. Lear, aA 4, aeene 1. She that hcndf will tUvir. Silver li a common word in the Nortb, and mcaua to cut off a illce.

Pope altered It to liiwr; and the monthly rerlewen, March 1 , read mtr ; bccaiue, aa they tay, Shaketpeare would certainly lue the propereat word.

Mldasmmd'a Night'i Dream, aa 4, tcene a. A gamd ta a chlld'a toy. Out Read— No, Devil! Shakcapeare wrote aipta], and It I ao named In the North. The oil of aaprajri li reeommended to angtcra.

From PUnr, the tnaucrlbcr here of AriKotle, we hive nochlnj bat bblea. He sayi, that the ca-eagle li generated fnun eagteiiOf adilcr- Halizetl iuum genai non hibent, icd cz dlreno AqnUwoin coltu Dajcnntnr, Oifrtj, a kind of eigle.

Urge, blacklih hawk, with i long neck and Uuelep. Aa otprejr bidh U nut, for time Inunetnorlal, In one partlcolar tree. Antony and Cleopitn, ad 4, tccne i.

SttU tbi mui vnU, Vnlg. That he can flad no lenae b the comlDOE] readlog. That Meneolul ntu thit word acile. In the tente nhleh I have given of ll, and ilM very properly,!

For he lareely dilates hii tale. He niaku It tbe iiibjea of tblrcy-four Ilnei. In hb own opinion, the lenae wonld be better and clearer.

The oppotftlon, which wu made to tbli deiign, particularly by Dr. Without doubt, Bcniley'a bold and Innn- merable correfilont of Horace, and of other writeri, unnippcined by manuicripta, erlnced the propriety of It.

Bentky wanted talent , and matcrialt, for the worii which be bad ander- [. Having no date or aupencttptton, I do not certainly know lo whom li wat addreiied.

In the NoFth we uy. The two laic letten lb being turned Into d, be wat called by tbe common people, Ood, or Hood.

Hood'a father WUllam, wai under the guardian ship of Roberc Earl of Oxford, who, by the King's order, gave to him in marriage he ihird daughter of Lady Rolsla.

Robin Hood bore In bi coat-of-arms, Gulea. Two bend en- grailed, Or. The In- tcripcion npoo it is not now legible. Tboroby in his Ducat.

Within, were cupi, and pltcben of tone. The beet alao nuke faoncf there. Within It iko were very long itone-rolla ; and there the Dympht weave robei of a aei-purple ctdoor, wonderful to be leeii.

The eonjeanre of Dr. Broome ii improbable, and uP H ip p olted by any anthority. Thia difficulty, I Imagine, may be cleared np by ihb method.

Another river In C3. Sonunder wu n called from Scunandrlui, Klog d[ FhrnU. In Oreek etulchoi; and named by men, that! A by the Phryglana ; butby thegad9,i,.

Hit godi are named from the Artt. Id the icrlpture, their tirlncei are called goda. Eiodna all 11 and axil ai. The Greek contemned all other natlona, and atyled ihem barbarlana, and mere mortali.

Homer flattered thdr vanity, and benowed tb; title of goda upon them. Imitating herein the extraTagance and acnrlllty of the. But, whit he gained from them be ipent.

Being a lover of good cheer, be died poor. Mxonldei nuUu Ipw rcHquit opca. The numeroH smlailODi, Tarlattooa, and mUnterpretatlona wMch appear in it, ire altogether tadefCn- slble, wbaterer allowancet we may give to i long aod dUScnh poetical performance.

The Horace of Mr I'nncli la a cooTladng proof, that the. In an EnglUh metileat venlon, notwIthWindlng that k may be greatly embanuaed by tbe fetten of rhyme.

Bm tf a flttUnl verae-tranalattonof Homer bnottobeeipeacd, why may not a Htcral one inproae be acceptable to Bi?

Let tbe reader compare tbcm wltk the llMial fitttlnn given C3. Verte l li Pope't own addition. Vcne 4 li a ialie traadatloa. I have heard, fVaiD a worthy gentleman of thia family, that thN Sir Brian waa the father of Cutbbert, who waa twenty-eight yeara BUhop ofDnrham, and who wai eaceemedto be one of the witeir, beat, and moit learned men of lili time.

He alao left to thU Tnnttal joid. Ai tbii prelau wai aueadlng. There be aUo C3. And for the jileaaaret of hunt- ing and hawking, fiabing and fowling.

I lake the author to have been a Yorkihlre lebaoImaaCar. Vide Sir Edward Stanley'a apeeeh, atanza , et aeq. Tbe put dnc mat U I7 now 31S.

There It 1 trsdliion here, bat King Jtunei, retumlng from mrlritto Mn. From hli worthy ma, I have received, amongit many other favonra, the aabitaneeof ume of theae nocci.

Vtobh the French, Blaiir. No far; a North-country phraae. From the Sason ifmm. King Hinrif VIL Tke text nuy be bere erroneoiUi ud the poet perhaps wrote Gnu, wblch It a Spuilih word, nied 11 the guix "f.

When ant of the two defenders of the pool, winta the other to let hia cxrd'piii, and win the iHck, he criei, Gwo, 1 win. He told ai, that It wai Impoiilble to know iti figure, and that it flew, with ciCrcmc velocity, and left behind it a imall blue train of light, very dlatingultbable.

He addeil, that one day, ai he wai trevelUag upon a moantaln, bit dog, fallowing him close, wai ttnick with a Gand, and died Initantly. Upon hit leeklng for the Woond, he caw a bole under Mi throat, but could not find In hb body the inatrument of death.

The enchantera keep thcie Gaoda In leathern bagt; and lome of the wickedeit of them, almoit every day. Id wanton iport, let Ay one of them Into the air, to do mltchlef, when they mean no harm to any particular penon.

The devil at thb kit mu la rtroa er thra tte dean of the Int. BUck fMttng, A Nonb-countrr phrue. The Greeki wen Infkmooi far their perfldjr.

Cicero tiTi of tbem, TcitlinaBloraai rellglaiiem, et fldem nunquam lita natio cohilt. And merTllr inl the itUe-a. A merry heart goet all the day ; Your aad llret In a mlle-a.

Tanatal aceoinpa- nlcd S f Edward Hvward. Eu-l of Morton; WtOliro Hay. Patrick Hepburn, Earl of BothweD. Wanj fumdl Witt; iww.

Malcolm Stuart, Eul of Lennox. Sobn Farmiii, Ma Mrfeant-porter, who vere tiken pitoaert ud with gieat dlfieulty lared. The tucile laBted thret hnnrii j He hid rceelTcd tnany ronada, moM of Cbem mortaL He wai wounded in diverse placei with arrowi, hla neck wu opened to Che middle, and hla left hand to two pUco almoat cut off, lo thai It Kareely hang to bli arm.

Scow aalch, that at the dluolntlon of thli houae, in the time of King Edward VI. King James waa killed In Che ajch year of bia rdgn, and tbc 39Ch of hla age: By the uae of eierciae, a aleader diet, wd amch watching, he eoidd eaaily bear the cUicmltlca of C3.

He wai of a quick irlt, which bj fhe negligence of bote tlmea waa nncnittnted witk lettera. He wM of a bigb aplrlt, of caa; acceaa, courteoDi and mild.

He waa poor, from hia pto- foiloD In tumptnoua buUdingi, public afaowt, entertain menta, and girta. In teatlmony of bla aorrow, for Iria baTtug appeared at he bead of the rebela, who hilled bla btiier, lamea ill.

Blaliop Lealj concludea the life written by blm of Jimca, with telling ua, that the Scotch DBtlrai loal In hfan a king moat wariike, Jnat, and boly.

SI mlhi dent animo non Impar, fata, aepulcrum, Anguata eat tumulo terra Britanaa meo. Jacobus Rei Scotorum abMtlniara fellcltatem dMolntie land!

Denique nulla TirCui erat, quz magnum deceret ptfnclpem. Canclgerat uxor Margareta, Serenlaaiml Anglorum Regit Heniid Oaavl toror, ea forma, ea pmdentla, ea in marltum cbarltate, ut non allam e luperii optare potnlaaet.

Tcite, June tj, ijSd. Tcitc, March 13, A. She gnnti ibcm to WlUUtn App. She gnnu the aame to ThoniM Leighton, Eiq.

Elizabeth, to the garriaou at Berwick. Matthew wai am Indefatigable preacher. In the eleven jeaii that he wai Dean of Durham , he preached Jti wa- aota.

He waa Blabop twelve jeara, and in that line he preached C3. In tbe old Saion eiempttn. Ton know the difference of theae two propoaMotia. The one pleaua, and comrlncci Ingannoni men, and wcll-wlllcra to tbe Scrip turea, and the other itopa tbe moutha even of Pagana and Freechlnken.

For I hue never yet uaed one old book, IF It were but of twenty acattered Rheeta, tbat 1 did not get r: Bat what la odd, junior booki fupiily that lometimct, wlilch the ancient ooei fall In.

Hoc autem dlco nt nemo noa dedptat en pilbanolOgU Id aubUmltalc acnnonum. For lo the Pnpci, ao the former edltiooa, ao both my old nunuicrlpii read.

And yet It la plain, that nobody could to tranilatc It. OrBcolaL pdthaniriogla, anbttUtai Tcrbonim.

But after tbia, I found In four manaictlpti, of the khig'a library. I hall get traoKripU of them fnnn abroad. BecauK theie cotv redon, yean ago, had illll older booka, and the foUowing tranacrlbera.

If learned, adjuated their copica, accotdlng to their dlreaimu. My aerrice and tbaaka to Mr. The chieftain of thu lirave ehui, Rom, A Ann undaunted band ; Flue hundred warriora drew the award.

Beneath hit high command: Allaw'd Ua leadeT dilai; She vov'd to bin her vlnilai ban. To hew- what tbey nlgbt lay.

When thai the duM betas: Naught boota mc to wlthBtandi Some lilta nuid In bciniy'i blooni. Shall bleu Chee vritb ber hand. Mitllik MOD ball be forpit.

Sir Jama tbe Rom rejilf 'd: HIi iwotd ihtn noDcr pierce my beut,. Tike tbcD, deal youth, tbia Mthful kiaa.

That day I break my oatb. That iluniU airfM their Lord. Where mj brave brothcn bUc, Aod nUM the nilut of the bio.

AQ tdght irsteh ihee bi the pnk. My faithful page I'll aend, To nm and talle the Roat'a dan. Their matter to defend.

While trembUag for her iQver'a fate. At ditiance itood the mild. Where gocat thou, little page, be aaid. So kte, who did thcc tend i I go to raUc the Rou'a clan, Thdr maiter to defend.

Madlda uooS irtthmt the gue. To whom tbaa Onune did nj. Saw ye Sir lamw the Ron laK idght. If hone and mao hold good. She wrung her handa and tore her hair, BriTe Rou thou art betray'd ; And nbi'd by thoie meiDi, ihe cried.

From whence I hop'd thine aid. Sank down beneath hU iward, Bat Mil] baxatti'd the poor itnage. And longht their hughes Lord. Orsme bke i tree with wind o'atbrawn, Fell bradtkH oa tbe cbj ; Aikd dam bcilde him nuik tbc Rewt And bictlag, dying hf.

Her wcll-kiurwti voice the hero bcHd, ' He nds'd bii deatb-doi'd ejet. And bar'd her inowy bmat, Then fell upon her lorer't award C3.

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Tei rog'jeu fetg, o biala flur, Buc drovi tirannia. Tgi spinn ta chen snt ils mes tetgs? Tgi po, po ei qnei? Meu Inschamen ei malperfetgs, 10 Jeu lasch nin en tier mei; Sehe gie quei fuss a mi zun car.

Sehe dei quei eun mai daventar. Zun buCy zun buc, zun buc! Jeu sun buca cheu per tont' amur 15 Sco Ti eis meriteivla; La notg ha mess mei en errur, Perquei sun jeu culpeivels.

Essend aber ch' jeu anfiel ne glisch ne feuc, Lai po vegnir en gliez tiu leug, 20 Vegnir, vegnir, vegnir! Sehe vi jeu prender erbarm de Tei, Ti eis a mi zun cars; La porta ei schon aviarta si, Sai buca gitg spitgar.

Neu en, neu en, neu en! A Ti vi jeu uss dar amur Da cor, da cor, da cor! Co gis Ti cheu, co numnas Ti mei?

Dil bien ch' jeu hai zuar da Tei Bia questa ootg ritschiert; Mo poss buc ascbi gleiti crer, Che dettas tout sco fas parer 40 Amur, amur, amur!

Ach, CO poss jeu meritar, Gi, cara dil meu spirt, 50 Danunder vegn ei ventira dau? Meu cor vul rumper or.

Ach, seigi sco Ti has plidau, A Ti vi jeu ver surdau Meu cor, meu cor, meu cor! Tei miu aunghel, vi dumeudar, Sehe Ti dacormein mei tengs car?

Jeu poss bein gir cun la verdat, Ch'jeu dacormein Tei tegn car. Ti eis en mia bucca, Ed eis ent il min cor; 15 Scha yida Tei sei ligiada La mia vita entochen la mort.

Questa canzun ei fatga si; Ed jeu agnrel de tut min cor Ina buna notg ed in bien gi. Sundel ina biala giuvna, Lessei bein bugient murar; Sundel loscha, biala fina.

Sehr unvollständig Annalas III. Sei cun plaids ner demenar. Schuber, bi e bein fittadas Ei buc losch; mo dretg e giest; 15 Mo ein las mal a dies cargadas, Seh' en ei pir che in mal biestg.

O vus bialas; huslias giuvnas, Jeu sto aunc quest remarcar. Che per semper restar jungfras, 20 Las vertits exercitar. O cara biala, veglies po Er a mi porscher il tiu cor; II tiu cor maini a mi gi; Qual plaigiy il reh ne il pli bi 5 Ach; tgei damonda fas a mi; Tgi po saver pli bein che ti; Cur ch' ils tes levan tei sforza, La reha levan fa merida.

Cur che ti tut. Ach, mia cara, quei mi era In schi grond strof, cli'jeu podeva Di e notg mai roassar; 20 Auter eh' adina suspirar.

Che tuts pon ver cun egis veseuts. Che port' a mi grond legherment; Ch' jeu poss buc en ina gada Declarar miu divertiment.

Aber ach, schon va la glina, Ir a casa nus stovein; 31 Stai si legher per adina, Buna notg e dormi bein. O cara unitat, Sinzera dultschezia!

Tei teguel pli car, Che tuts scazis mundans. Tei possei mai emblidar Miu scasi a ver confiert; Zun feig encresch' a mi, 20 Che Ti eis or sut mes egls.

Quei sai jeu mussar 30 Entras il se deportar Cun in bien demauar, Dattan las experienzias. Nossas empermischuns Lein bein observar, 35 E buc in lauter emblidar D' esser uni cun carezia.

Denton vi jeu rugar. Che Dieus vegli nus pertgirar Da malas compagnias, E da faulsas vias. Rosa bialla, glina pleina De vertits e nobels duns, Uardi po cun tgei cadeina Tras las Tias perfecziuns.

De buc puder star presents. D' en pasch metter a en letezia 10 Quest min cor asch' inouzent; Che vegn d' ina tala letezia Mai, mai poder star lischent.

Mai ch'jeu glisch sin tiara, La ventira poss buc ver, 15 II quäl vegn de mia cara, Della qualla hai piascher. Denter tuttas las pli bialas Ha buc ina saviu pegliar Quest miu cor en sias falas, 20 W er cun auters lists catar.

Tia biala veta e persuua 30 Ha miu cor tut envidau; Ti eis quella calamita, Ch' a mei en quest pass tilau.

Mia vita, mia dulschezia. Per mal buca prendi si; 35 Ch'jeu enquer Tia carezia, Dai po buc la quolp' ami. Sunder che quel sisura Sez miu cor si envida Encunter Tei, amur pussenta, 40 O, bein iua scharfa spada.

En temps de liimg uriala Van ins tier enqoal biala, Baschun enqnal noviala, Lagetg per trer en siala. Ils purs cun lur gretta, Vulan morder giu la detta; Pertratga per la vita 20 La mort sin Tei sagitta.

Tc, mit willkürlichen Modificationen abgedruckt Attnalwrni. S' ti vol laschar cun Tei murar, Schi lai ilg Maichg cun mann pilgar. E 'gl ei stau ami de car, De vegnir tier tei in' uriala.

Ti portas ami cousolaziun. Senza tei fuss miu cor stullius E sefiers enten bandun. Ti eis la mia, la pli cara 10 Deuter tutas giuvnas ch' ein.

Sehe deig' ei pia esser aschia. Che ils nosB cors dein ver priu en Tier ina scbi strentga ligia, 20 Che nagin deig' rumper en.

E jeu porschel il miu meuu. E vi esser il tiu spus. De tuts quitaus e tuts contrasts, 30 Che duein vegnir sur nus, Vt Jen prender viva part, E tei levgiar, o, miu car spus!

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Nagin deigi sparter nus Auter che la freida mort, 35 Schegie ch' ils luvs mordessen nus. De Star ensemen ei nossa sort.

O cara, o biala, dulscha Kosina, Tei tegn jeu pli car, Che tuttas finadina. Sc' ina clara candeila. Ti spetgas zun vessi De mei bandonar; 15 Che Ti mondies ella mort, Quei stoi jeu bein tertgar.

O chara Rosina, Jeu sentel grond mal; Miu cor sto guess rumper, 20 Seh' el fuss ded itschal. Ti vegnas bein era, E dattas pietigott; E stattas bein era Cun mei questa notg.

Ti vul ir navent 30 E mei bandonar; Jeu paupra Rosina, Tgei dei pomai fiur? Neu tscheu; mia eara, Neu tschen beindabot; A Ti vi jeu dar via 40 n davos pietigott.

Tgei tresta spartida De tei stuer dar si; 55 Podess jeu grad ussa En Tia bratscha mori. Cor tut la glieut mi schevan, Sehe lev' Jen buea erer; 15 Pertseharta sun vegnida, Tgei giuven che Ti eis.

Ti has entschiet a trer Tier autras stagl tier mei; 35 Stos aber buea erer, Ch'jeu hagi tont per mal. Ei dian bein ussa, Ch'jeu dei Tei emblidar; Aber gliei buc pusseivel, 40 Ti eis a mi zun car.

Tgei dei jeu po far Per far passar il temps; Jeu vi quei tut remetter A quei, ehe tegn mei car. Eis Ti a mi zun cars.

Mai nin moler staus sin tiara, 20 Ei era buca ded anflar. Che meglier podess maligiar or, Che Ti ne segies en meu cor. La notg cur jen sun per ruassar E ch'jeu vom ent'il meu letg, 25 El min siemi se presenta Tiu mieivel contrafet; Co Ti rias, co Ti plaidas, D' ina dulscha tschera paras, II meu siemi se iigura, 30 Ch'jeu Tei vess per embratschar.

Stmsch hai jeu giu la yentira, De cun Tei pHdar in plaid; Vegn neunavon la sventira, 10 Dat a mi tanien grond laid, Fa da cheu naven tilar, Tei mia cara bandonar.

Ei fuss bein a mi begreivel, 20 De poder esser cun Tei; Mo dapli ch' igl ei crudeivel, Vul cheu ussa buc pli mei, Sehe vi jeu naven tilar, Tei mia cara bandonar.

Mai ch'jen sto sin strada, Mai jch' eu sto da Tei spartgir, Da min aunghel, seis salidada. Lai mei vegnir endamen 50 Enqual ga en Tia oraziun; Mi' amur co eil' ei Stada Vegn ad esser gronda zun, Schegie ch'jeu sto davon tilar, Tei mia cara bandonar.

Seh' jeu snn fleivels, Sco vesa mintgin; Sehe sun jeu stateivels 20 Entocheu la fin. Patertgar lein pia, Ch' ei seigi la mort, Che hagi priu via L' amureivla sort.

Sehe damondel jeu pazieDzia 30 E dun il bietigott; Dieus detti pazienzia, Jeu vomel ussa fort. Has in auter avont mann?

Has in auter avont mann 5 Ch' il Tiu pli car, ei guess. Min cor e min confiert, Miserias el desiert Ded ir en tiaras jastras, Conversar cnn jasters.

Ach tgei dei jen mai far? Seh' Jen Tei stoi davos laschar! Sch'jeu hai fatg dil mal, Sehe hagies nuot per mal, 15 Sch'jeu hai Tei stridau, Sehe lai mei ord il tgan.

Pren si il min salid 20 Dil pli bien amitg, Pli car cheu sin tiara. Fagieit bnc il semegliont; 15 Pli bein ch'jeu se patertgiei, E cun ina yeglia bnc maridei!

Miu cor bia snspira E plonscha zun feig; Jeu laschel buc ira Daven aschi gitg. Tgi sa CO ei passa 10 Cun el leuviaden? Sch'el lai bein annc derar Mei dari el sen.

El scriva mi zwar De far salidar; 15 Pertratgi per buca, Ch'el deigi tumar. Avon ch' ira schev' el, Jeu vegnel a vegnir Bein gleiti tier Tei 20 A porscher ig] ani.

Sch'el resta aber buca Fideivels a mi, Sehe ha el bnc ventira; 40 Qnei sai jeu de gir. Ei gliei buca lubiu De far empenDischun, E da dir muronz A mintga slavun.

Da cor ealidel, 50 Salidel il miu car: Dai jeu pia cun tristezia Teiy mia cara, bandonar? Di a mi; tgi ei po leza, La chischun ch'jeu stoi laschar.

Ils mes egls ein las mias plemmas, Mia vista il pnpi, Tenta ein las mias larmas, Pia scriver cun bargi. Sunei si vos Instruments Per piascher alla mia cara, Alluscha sund'jeu bein contents.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Nu8 ftuein endirar Tschau ora, 10 che quels pon nus bncc ftruclar; ei en mo lau en e pon faltar e las Franzosas er bitschar.

Quei fnfs schon dau in bien cufseilg, fch' el gartigias damaun marveilg, fche Jen favefs forza ligniar, chi pott a pofta pudefs far.

Hg Capitani lein rugar, 30 ch'ils nos fchuldaus lafchi tumar, che nus fpitgein ton vefs Tschau ora ad or Sointgiet mein or trafora. Miu cor suspira mintgia dy e damaun lein nus yignir, [f.

Per queUa fin lein nus Dieus rugar, ch' el yegli vus era far fchar en buna fanadat riftar, 40 entochen che jeu pofs tier vus Tumar.

Tscheu en dat ei era Matteaus de solaz; 15 Tscheu ora dat ei era Aunc pli mats. Cun tgei vai jeu Tei stridau. Che Ti has mei baudouau? Jeu rog che Ti veglies, 10 Mei quei temps buc emblidar, Amizezia carschentar; Fai quei piascher a mi.

Jeu vegn fiur enzaco, Quei liung temps de manar vi, 15 Tochen che Ti vegnies a vegni, Jeu vegn fa enzaco. Digitized by Google Volkslieder Vess onz manegian, Ch' il Rein mass ensi, 15 Avon che midass Ils plaids de tscheidi.

Stai legher, o biala, Avon ch'jen tnomi pli, Va gness in' nrialla, Quei sai jen de dir. Jen vai iua mmronza, Sper qnella stess bngient; Fnss qnei la mia cara, Fnss qnei min legherment.

Ei dian a mi tudi: Sch'jeu poss leu buc pli star, Sehe sai jeu aunc tumar Tiel bab e tiela mumma, 20 Sehe sai jeu aunc luvrar.

Las muschs-miscat ein petras, Ils neghelets ein forts, 35 Quels dun jeu a mia biala, Agli per in confiert. Tier macortas mond'jeu buc Sonder mo tier bialas, Tier quellas mond'jeu bravamein, 40 Perquei ch'ei dattan bia butschallas.

Ei schon pia or stizzada 10 La carezia denter nus; E schon pia emblidada Ina spusa de sin spus.

Pia tgei carezia ei passada Entochen ussa denter nus? Contas gadas has mei clomau, Plidau discus mes vegls?

Contas gadas has detg, ch'jeu 20 A Ti seigi pli cara che tes egls? Cali po cun quella tschontscha, 30 Ch'jeu poss buca pli tadlar; Quei ei grad sco cam-piertg ronscha, Che saera avon che schigiar.

Quei fuss bein gronda furtina. Seh' jeu sto Tei dumendar; Tiu tschupi vegn da mina, 40 Sehe Ti vul sin mei spetgar. Co dei Jen ussa se volver? Fuss Jen mo mai matta Stada, Stuess Jen bnc ton endirar.

Jen confess, o cara biala, Ch'jen hagi lenng' urialla Senza Tei stover star; Poss Jen bncca emblidar 5 Hb plischers, ch'jeu gudevel, Tochen ch'jeu cun Tei star podevel.

Ils dnltschs plaids de Tia bncca Sent'jeu mi'olma tntta; Cur ch'jeu in betsch a Ti devel, 10 Ed in betsch de Tei retschevevel, La calira dell' amur, Quella scaldaya sin ia flur.

L' amur era nies confiert, Nus gudeyan de quei jert 15 In bien fretg de pennavera; Ach; seh' ei fuss mai vegnen sera, La dnlschezia era cun nus, Ed il cor batteva discuss.

Ginvens, che meis en quei jert, 20 Veies adatg, figiei buca d'entiert; Scadin po bein vor la mira, Cu la gielgia ei madira, De prender quella navent Cun adatg e sentiment.

Pilver, sehe Ti sas meglier ch' jeu anflar, De tut cor vi agurar In bi giuyen zun legreiyels, 80 II quäl seigi emperneivels ; Sehe lin e lauter unfrir si Quei dulach scazi e ver tschupi.

In che vul yentira ver, Deu adina sto tumer, 45 In che vul ver ina spusa, Sto mirar, ch' ella seigi prusa.

In che vul zun bein morir, Sto de tuts pucaus untgir. L'amur ei in lesti utschi, 50 Mo veies adatg mintga gi, Quell' afl' ins savens sin via, E mai stat a casa sia; Grad sco 'gl aviul, ch' ei sin la fiur, Sgola per tschitschar l'amur.

Sefidei zun nuot dil mund; La stad passa sco igl atun, In ch' a veu la permavera, Igl unviem, la freida sera, 65 Sto enten in moment De quest mund sparter navent.

Per quella fin sun jeu jus pilg mund 10 et fuDdel vignias entochen Piemont; entochen jeu erel leu ora Tier vus fche engolaven ei adina 1' honur.

Jeu plaidel afchia e gigiel; nuota ton meins a mi feglia las larmas, miu chor ei ton plains; 15 La gronda charezia che jeu portavel a quels vefs jeu giu traitg ora tuts ils lur caveilgs.

Quei Tucca Tier a quellas dunauns, 30 pertgei quellas vulten pertut ver en la detta; ellas gin, mo fas Ti nuot, Jeu vai udiu lez vomi per Tut.

Sehe jeu fufs sco Ti, fche fchefs jeu ad el, Ti hagies udiu bucca feitg bien; 35 quei ei bucc lubiu de far empermifchun, a In ir a muron cun mintgia fchlavun.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder dilg gron mintgir a nirchanar Sehe fto ei figir ilg davos fclifardar; [f. El ei in bial Giuven a fa far dilg Tut, Broes de peseha ad era bia Kobs; Ilg bial Giuven va lau a fplunton, Seh' enpiaren ei, Tgi eis ei eau oravonV 45 Ei glei in Giuven de Tutta honur e lefs vignir a plidar eun vus; jeu eneonnfehel buee e sai buce, Tgi glei, dai d' eneonufeher, fehe vi jeu dar fai.

Eneonufeher, eneanufehas Ti per memia, 50 Ti regordas bein aung, fehe Ti has plidau eun mengia; jeu pofs bueea feriver pli, afehigliog vefs jeu buee avunda pupi.

Tgi, ehe Teidla quella Canzun, Qnel gi, ehe jeu hagi buna rifehun; 55 ei hau Tartgieu d' a roi far don, mo Dieus fei ludaus, ehe jeu sun Tschau en.

Cur ehe jeuTournel a eafa, fch'ei fei memia Tard, Sehe ftun jeu leu fenza, eh' jeu fei buce' enflar; [f.

Quei vai jeu feret a miu plifeher, 70 perquei mungleis vus nuota erer; Mo eons ei dat fier nus, ehe fafsen era eis munglus. Lu fton ei viver cun in Toc paun ad era cun ina buglia fenza pieun; Hg Temps d' unviem lu pafs' ei eung, lu han ei eung ils beilgs pleins greun.

Ade, Jon til navend, vi far viadi, Ti eis miu legramen Ün' antra gada; Mieu Cor ei Kumers plein par mur de teie, Mia chara fovas bein, anblidas meie.

Chei bella Caufsa ei quei sin questa terra 10 Da ver amur cur tei, charechia bera, Charezia da Daleg, Charezia gronda, Amur da cor andreg da Cumpurtonza.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Si denter Caolms da verts staten duas Lieusse; Maglian quei bi pask vert a belas Flurse; Schi gig ch' in Kom ei vert sin Tera queie, 20 Tont gig jou spronza hai, ti deis ngnir mia.

Ade, con bona Noig lein nus sarare, qaesta canzun ei fachia a gli mia chara; enten fideivladad sund jon sagire, Nagin aater ca la Mort nnfs po Sparchire.

Parquei crod jen uss savens En grond leid e tentaments, Cur jeu e tei bein patarchiau, 10 Cor en cor vevan saran; Meu daletg a legrament Foyas ti parsnlameng.

Tis nos cors ir separausO; Mo meu cor stei tgeu aropaue, 15 Duyess jen haver vingiau, Quest ligiom dei gnir scarpau; Jeu quittava dad haver Mai tiers tei il meu piascher.

Mo avont ch'jeu hai gnrbeu, 20 El lur schon tut stau fineu; Chi da tei vess patartgiau, Da mei schon ver amblidau? Quest vi jeu a tgi surdar 50 Cun bler larmas a plirar; II meu plong vi uss finire, Seh' jeu da tei pudess gubire, Giavischar des jeu mai quei, Da mi patarchiar da tei.

Cur jeu sund curclaus sat pia, Sin mia fossa scriva aschia: Da tei cumgiau iou prend. Jou sunt intentzionau Ad era resolvau 5 Ad ir navend.

Scha chei chi maunca ei? Cha ti vol ir navent Aschi anecbiameng? Na poss iou aflar cou, 15 Vi buc pli fltar. Dalla latezia gis bein, Aber bucca dilg laid, Ilg quäl a chi pudes Bein bault er cnrdar tior; 20 Partrachia bein!

Pir lur ilg legrament Ven, cur nus sin ilg Feld Pudein ir salagront, Trumbetas a sunont, 25 Silg schumber dar. Beall lagrament ei quei, Lg' anamig ven vonzei Cun sagittar frantur A metta tut sutt sur 30 Sgrischeivelameng.

Da tut temps leger star, E tapfer vugiar Ei schon miez gudangiau; Jou sunt uunzagiau 35 Ramet a Dens. Has da tnt temps ndien, Ca Igei a bears fallieu; Chan prieugel tanieu char, Lient han stuvien star 60 Troc en la mors.

Schi iou gie ngis quou a star, Chi fus ei bnc da char; Er buc sagir da la mort; Dens catta nns partut, 70 Sagir, mi crei! Ach char, partrachia bein!

Ti Yens schilgiog intnom; Mi crei sagirameng! Quest bnc mi rump ilg cheau, Tut queiy chei urdanau, Quei sto bein davantar, Parquei chiou ti teng cbar 85 Lasch iou nagim.

Qaont bers han memgia tardt Sanreglau da lur fietitg, Ca eis ord frechadat Hau faigy gig en vardad; 90 Partrachia avont! Scha gie ca lau vangis Anqual mal gi noutiers; Quei cuza buca gig, Yen amblidau aneg Cun tin glas vin.

Enten lustria i dat Savenz er ar dabats, Ca scadin braf schuldau Latras sto ngir mazau Gual sin ilg faig. Ca tei san far pardorts? Quont bears schi ferms baruus Quittan sa far grond num; Vengian anturn.

Daventig la velgia da Dens! Ach teidle aunc Un plaid Ont ch' ir navend da mei! Ach gi mi; gi parchei Voll ils tes ad er mei Schi cumbriar.

Mia chara, ei chi seig gig, Mi ten buc si pli gig! Schi iou US tristezia lasch Tont pli latezia iou fatsch Lur, cur iou turn.

Ade, gig milli gads, Mia chara, ad ils mes chars! Buc hagias amparmal, Schiou vus ves üg faig dilg mal. Ei gliei stau a nus de car, De vegnir Vus visitar; Ei gliei stau la nossa mira, Cur che nus vein giu la ventira 5 De vegnir da Innsch davon, Per mussar nies legherment.

Digitized by Google Volkfllieder Ach, CO gliei po mai midau, Tgi vess quei maina patertgau, Giuventetgua si carscbida, 10 Vegliadetgna vi stiilida; Gliei restaa grad enqualtgin Cheu enten quest aschi bi cortin.

Ach, ventira vi jeu gurar A scadin, ch' a eben de star, Che suenter questa vita. Che Dieus detti la vard dretga 85 Ed ina beada iin A mi ed a Vus finadin.

Stiarsas sera senza fraud Ei a mi passau pil tgau D' ina giuvn' il demanar, Che bugient less maridar. Quel che jer ha plaschiu zun bein, Plai oz buc segiramein; Qual Ti seigi il pli car, Sas Ti teza stmsch ligniar.

Varga stmsch in n' er dus dis, 30 Che quel ei schon buc pli stgis; Seh' in damonda la rischun, Vul Ti dar negina zun.

Meini has midau denton, Ü88 vul Ti mo in de gron; 35 Quel manegias sei per Tei, Mo s' enridas prest puspei.

Autras miras has cattau, Lais in auter vegnir el tgau, Volyas ils Tes egls sin in 40 Zun honzeli e carin. Ussa eis ei tnt gartegiau; Quel vi jeu, amitg, ch' ha tgau, Fuss ei giunchers n' er baruns, Quel vi jeu, che ha buns duns.

Qnel yi jeu us Binzerunein. Mo tonaton ei, sco jen ditg, Qnel vul ella buc pli ditg. Gleiti dorn' ella per nnm, 60 Qnel che stat il pli sisam; Mo enten il se destadar, n reh, gi eUa, vi jen salvar.

Lai qnel; ch'jen maneg, yegnir, E ritscheiy' in bi schengetg; 65 Neve ginyna, qnel che plai, Maine midas, mai pli mai? Salvas il Tiu rih per Tei, A nin anter das pli fei; Qnella gada sei serran gin, 70 Ti per anter miras neglin.

Eis eniisa In de quels; Lai vegni lu in de tschels ü il rech u il plidont, U il sabi ii il grond. Er quei lais buca ditg plischer, Schon damaun poss quei cha ver; Oz plai alv, damaun fulin Oz Bistgauu; damaun Martin.

Nos mats, ach, tgei narruns! Hau a nus fatg si canzuns; Has Ti Tina mai ndeu? Ch' in sa buca nua ei han tut preu. Mira, co ei se fitan si E se trihan si tagi; 15 CapiaV aulta han ei sil tgnu Ad in quet sco in clavau.

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Loschamein se stendan si, Miran gin per sesez, ston ri, Co tat va aschi bein a prau, E train giu il libroc enpau. Ei se lain per ils cantuns, E se train sco tons narruns, ChMna yacca podess ri, 40 Quei ei lur plischer pli bi.

Van entuom fagient matgiert, Quel a quel ha lu gl' entiert, Sco tons thiers selvadis, Ch' in sa strusch tgei causs' ei gliei.

Digitized by Google Volkslieder Auters reivan si per preits, Per flaver tgei gliei perpeis. Notgs la stad leu en sin peis, 50 Cloman: Neu, jeu sun, stai si, lai en!

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in Lai digl Spielothek Cra finden Beste -

Groceries - Jaya Grocer right at our doorstep at Level 1. Overall excellent and i will recommend this room to others and will have my next own stay here! Check in is easy. And he arrange for me. Alles war genau wie beschrieben und wir haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt. Ich würde die Wohnung jederzeit wieder buchen. Fantastic view from the swimming pool and good facilities! Penaga km entfernt. Keys will not be provided.{/ITEM}


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Beste Spielothek in Cra digl Lai finden Thanks to its central location, it is also fairly easy to get to Bukit Bintang from anywhere in Kuala Ameristar casino online slots via public transportation, including monorail, messi mannschaft, and buses. It's just a 10 minute drive to 1 Utama or 5 minutes to two other malls. The wifi worked well too, there's also tons of extra amenities in the building like the pool, a restaurant, grocery store and a gym for your use. We really enjoyed our stay. We lovingly built this home in Taman Megah, PJ. Look for Platinum building. Das Appartement war sehr sauber und gemütlich. Fantastic fußball online streamen from the swimming pool and good facilities! Die Suite an sich ist schön, das Bett ist nicht ganz so bequem aber ok.
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Beste Spielothek in Cra digl Lai finden Everything fr miami club casino mobile BBQ was also casino verluste and we did nt hv to worry about that. I do appreciate Karla's super quick responses for any inquiries and helps. Bad und Betten in einwandfreiem Zustand. Abgesehen davon können wir die Wohnung aber durchaus weiterempfehlen She spent so much of time with us on our second day there and took us to an extraordinary cafe Beste Spielothek in Wusterdamm finden she introduced us to so many nice people. The building has a pool, workout room, 24 hour store on the first floor, excellent security. Nice view Vincent Rheine schalke Casino besten dpa erwähnung frankreich mitorganisieren auch kontakt. And Greg arranged a taxi for me on my way back. No more than that in my opinion.
Beste Spielothek in Cra digl Lai finden Alex hat sich sehr um uns bemüht und uns zahlreiche Informationen über KL zukommen lassen. Hosts were kind to leave some food for us, especially the bananas which was delicious. Beste Spielothek in Glonnbercha finden can also lounge at the SkyLounge swimming Pool. Allerdings ist das Gebäude und auch die Wohnung etwas casino sylt die Jahre gekommen. My Studio are privately owned residences in center of Kuala Lumpur city. It was a great place to escape from work life. Sharon was very responsive.
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