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{ITEM-100%-1-2}To see today's online poker 888 bonus and casinos with the least amount of cheating going on, go to Beste Spielothek in Großlangheim finden Marcus's online poker and casino cheat-free safety rankings. However, I will say that the increase percentage-wise will be more felt at the poker tables. You can now go to all of San Andreas without the four star elk grove youth baseball casino night level appearing. Get a car and ram the wall in the front. Coveris, a premier global packaging manufacturer has entered into an agreement with Transcontinental Inc. Well, if you can still find it in its original form, it is. Go to Flint County. In 25 years as a professional casino cheat, no surveillance operator anywhere in the world ever caught me in the act. If you get a wanted level, do not cheat to lower it. After using the "Fly plane without pilot license" trick at the Los Santos airport, go forward you should see a Dodo airplane. First off, boxmenless craps tables will see dealers who make mistakes on payoffs not get corrected.{/ITEM}

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They offered him extremely foolish rebates on his losses as well as other casino-detrimental incentives. For this to happen again, an almost impossible set of circumstances would have to reoccurr.

You can always file a complaint with the gaming commission that governs the particular casino or poker room, however, in most cases they simply back the casino or poker room.

Do I believe them? I have not heard about a case of that in years! Heavy shadows can make it impossible to discern chip values and even card values, both of which can hamper casino and poker-cheating investigations.

I have seen this shadow-problem most with poker tables. The overhead camera is often shadowed-out by the low table-lighting above the poker table.

I will have much more on this upcoming on my blog page. In fact they do! Even though poker collusion is very difficult to prove, enough circumstantial evidence can convince a judge or jury that collusion did indeed take place.

The key is to obtain surveillance video of the game in question, which would be the equivalent of tracing hand histories in online games.

I won it in So I think we will put that one to bed! Probably not much in the poker tournament area, but player beware in the side cash games!

Lots of big time poker collusion will go on. Well, the answer is simple-stupid. That kind of answers the question, right?? Even though your chances of beating Phil Ivey at poker, given his skills as both a top-notch poker player and cheat, he is still not the person I would least want to go up against.

Remember his spying-on-other-teams scandal a few years back? Actually, it could be. If you can convince a jury by explaining how the collusion happened with accompanying visual backup, you can win that case!

With the publicity generated by the multiple edge-sorting cheat-attempts some successful for several million bucks by famous poker pro Phil Ivey, you can bet casino playing-card manufacturers are going to clean up their act and start putting out cards whose edges cannot be sorted.

Expect a lot of these high-tech scams in the coming years, mostly in mid-size casino areas outside of Vegas and Atlantic City.

I have heard so, though I am not too confident about putting my money into a card-counting operation against CSMs. I will be blogging on the subject shortly.

Did you ever hear the saying "Going to the blackjack table one time too many? But without perfect timing, the good hands and agility does not mean much.

Yes, keep it simple stupid. Too many casinos are constantly training their staffs to combat high-tech scams that in reality happen rarely and in only certain type-select casinos.

While doing that, they omit training their staffs on the basics of game protection and cheating. But only very very few actually do it.

I have heard two reports of undetectable loaded dice having been used in Detroit casinos. Although I am quite skeptical about this being a reality, I am actively investigating it.

My findings will be published in an upcoming article on my blog page. It is the second most important cheating event for both professional poker cheats and professional casino cheats.

Check your local listings! We will see high-tech scams in other games such as roulette. In low stakes games it is virtually zero, the only collusion action being the cheats practicing for the bigger games.

And at these levels, the collusion pokoer cheats get the money! Generally no, but when you try to alter the deal of the game to allow yourself the chance to appy edge-sorting, then it is cheating.

This is something that changes, but for the past few years it has clearly been baccarat. Before this we were seeing more false-shuffle scams perfromed by dealers on baccarat tables.

If you don't know what I'm referring to, an off-set comp scam is when people try to show fake big action in order to get room and food comps from the casino.

This is done on games where two or more players can off-set each other's bets, such as craps and baccarat.

These bets wash unless double-sixes come out on the come-out roll. Same thing in baccarat with the player and the bank bets Casinos will not catch on to this trick when it's done skillfully and not too long at any given table.

Also, make sure there is plenty of action on the table if you do this at. This offset fashion is how my team used to obtain the chips we needed for our cheating moves.

Don't always make your opposing bets match exactly. Yes, but it's getting tougher and tougher since Don Johnson beat several Atlantic City casinos out of millions by taking advantage of their blackjack offers to high-rollers.

Just spend a little time on this website! And if you can't find info on what you're looking for, just send me an email.

Note as well that if you want to search something on my blog page, it is better to go to Google and search it with what you are looking for in conjunction with richardmarcusbooks.

For example, if you want to read about roulette cheating, search Google for: Overall, collusion between poker players is best defended against by legitimate players in the game who pick up on the collusion cheats.

Scams such as card-marking, card-switching and card-mucking are as hard to detect as ever when the poker cheats pulling them off are skilled.

Don't be fooled by the poker cheat busts you read about because you don't read about the ones that go on unscathed. I answer that here.

Due to the tremendous advances in slot and electronic technology, both the numbers of professional slot cheats and slot scams have decreased dramatically the past decade.

However, the few scams that do still happen are major and usually pulled off with help from casino employees.

And I mean bet. This is because they are generally too preoccupied with following procedure and avoiding mistakes that they overlook the obvious cheating.

I don't think so. It's surely a possibility. One thing I do know is that hacking surveillance cameras serves absolutely no purpose to cheaters.

What's the difference between seeing the hands played out live or seeing them played out on video tape? Exposing the bottom cards of the hands as they raise them over the lip for delivery to the players.

Some sloppy dealers flash as many one bottom card per player at the table, which is enough to give advantage players playing this edge on ALL poker derivative carnival games.

Its use in the worldwide casino industry has increased during the past five years, but it is still in use in only a small minority of casinos, especially where keeping track of casino chips is concerned.

From a game protection perspective, it is effective against some kinds of casino cheating, mainly pastposting on table layouts, but advanced casino cheats are able to bypass it.

Only in casinos that are not hip to them, which is becoming less and less. In the UK, the casinos are the sharpest against them. I wouldn't say so.

There's no need to buy what you can read and learn for free. Unless the cheating poker dealer is making his extra pay stealing chips, he is dumping off both good cards and chips to a confederate playing in your poker game.

The dealer usually does this by holding key cards at the top of the deck and dealing seconds until his confederate needs those cards.

The only thing you can do to protect yourself if you are suspicious is to listen closely for that slight raspy sound second cards being dealt always make Or I should say almost make.

So if you get caught in a game with a crooked dealer working with his agent, you are really up against it! Hang in there and try to beat your games on the square.

It will probably turn around unless you're just a bad player. And if you're a bad player, you'd probably be a bad cheat as well! Depends who's offering them.

I don't want to mention any names, but there is one guy out there bombarding everyone with his table games workshops, which, in my opinion, are highly repetitive and exaggerated.

You should be very selective in spending your casino's money on game protection seminars, table games workshops, etc.

The means is marking the cards rather than the more-often seen switching cards. Usually not, but in some cases yes. Everyone seems to want to know the answer to this, as many have heard about Don Johnson, the blackjack card-sharpie who beat Atlantic City casinos out of several million by taking advantage of their high-roller promotions, most noteably their percentage of losses rebate or refund policy afforded to super high rollers.

However, the casinos have since wised up to this huge fault and now are getting much more conservative in their promotional offers to lure high rollers.

Still, there are some chinks in the armor and if you look hard enough, you can find some ways to tilt the odds slightly in your favor.

That means that you probably will only find break-even deals that you might be able to shift in your favor by adhering to conventional advantage-play techniques.

But the answer is: Casinos and poker rooms are always ripe for the plucking, but in spring they do not behave like the lovely young ladies you find inside them!

In other words, NO, casino and poker cheats do not operate with any more passion in spring than they do in winter. This tip comes from my longtime cheating parter Pat Mallery, who is, of course, as Irish as they come!

When playing poker on St. Paddy's day make sure you're not so sloshed to the point where you can't see your cards AND to the point where you can't see Fitzpatrick making a quick switch of cards with Fitzroy or Fitzgerald.

In other words, according to Pat, maybe you should just get drunk and skip the poker game tonight! This gives them an idea of who's got what as far as the big action chips go, and does at times aid in detecting cheating scams and advantage play throughout the casino.

However, in order to make good use of RFID technology, the casino personnel on the floor has to be sharp. They cannot depend on RFID technology alone, just like they cannot depend on surveillance cameras.

What do I mean by that? Well, people working on cruise ships are not always doing it for the fun and excitement of roaming oceans and seeing new places.

Lots are into it for ripping off their employers, and that is quite easy to do on cruise ship casinos because security and surveillance is so lax.

I would say yes--but it will only happen when and if there is some kind of US legalization and regulation of online poker and online gaming.

Besides the US Justice Department, I can't see any other authoritative body anywhere in the world going after online poker and gaming cheats.

About the same amount of truth as poker cheats using dolphins to help them cheat in home floating-games? Any pastpost on a European roulette layout that does not involve switching chips can be done with the same ease as using American chips on American layouts, but you probably won't see pastposting casino cheats using the high-denomination European brick-like chips.

Pastposters who switch out lower denomination chips for higher denomination chips would find using European chips burdensome because of the size difference with each denomination of chips.

Do not screw around with credit-card and identity-theft scams with online gaming deposits! It is dangerous and you WILL get screwed. International police and investigative agencies are paying more and more attention to money laundering and other financial crimes cloaked inside online gaming accounts.

Same thing you should do if you see Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds at your poker table: That is the best way to pay Lance Armstrong the disrespect he deserves The best way to answer that question is to invoke the old adage "Nothing is foolproof and can't be cracked.

In ranking that difficulty, I would put it just below cracking source codes and hacking one's way into online poker sites to see players' hole cards.

It's the same theory. No one is predestined to become a poker or casino cheat. And no one grows up dreaming of cheating poker and casino games.

Nearly all professional and amateur card, dice and slot cheats get involved in cheat scams because of events in life that eventually led there.

In poker and casino cheating, it usually starts by losing lots of money gambling and then trying to get it back. Besides the high-tech and computer cheats who turn to casino and poker cheating without passion and look at it solely as a business, people who become cheats usually start on the path leading there at an early age.

But this does not mean it is in the blood or predestined. Beatable by card-counting and cheatable by various methods, most of which require dealer cooperation but some of which is as simple as casino cheaters pastposting the side bets.

In some casino areas, notably in Canada, the dealing of EZ baccarat has gotten confusing to the point of being out of hand.

Cheaters and advantage EZ baccarat players are indeed making their paydays there. I could be wrong, but as far as I know there is no such device that allows you to scan the order of blackjack cards coming out of a legitimate shuffle.

I've heard stuff about this, but until I see it I don't believe it. Not the ones I consult for! Really, besides Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun, Native American casinos and poker rooms are actually harder to cheat because their staffs pay extra attention to game and asset protection.

So if you're a poker or casino cheat living far from Connecticut, my advice is to go to Vegas or Atlantic City to do your moves.

Online poker sites that pay to advertise on Google or on other websites have the cash to do so, and they are usually more successful and cheat- and scam-free than online poker sites that don't buy links on Google and other sites.

So thr stuff online that says online poker sites you find with paid links are more likely to have cheating going on are full of it.

The fewer people involved in a cheat scam the better. All these big casino scams that happen with inside help and a bunch of participants always come apart.

Just look at what happened in the recent inside craps scam at Foxwoods in Connecticut. There were at least 12 dealers involved!

Remember, any crime planned, casino related or not, is a conspiracy if more than one person is involved. Inside scams are very dangerous for this reason.

A dealer caught cheating will give up everyone in the scam. On the brick and mortar side of poker it is much less frequent, although you may run into a poker cheat team using digital cameras relaying images to computers relaying audible messages to cheats at the table.

However, don't worry about this so much. In other words, dice setting is a step in the practice of dice control.

Does any of this matter? Probably not, as I don't believe anyone can beat the casino by controlling the dice no matter how they set them before throwing them.

The answer is that the safest online poker and casino sites are constantly changing. This is why I keep track of them with information from multiple reliable sources.

To see today's online poker rooms and casinos with the least amount of cheating going on, go to Richard Marcus's online poker and casino cheat-free safety rankings.

They are updated every day! This is certainly one area where casinos can effectively fight the cheats. It is also fairly easy for them to spot consistent roulette winners.

However, there are some laser scanners and other types of ball-tracking devices that continue to operate successfully inside casinos, but those using them still have to be very careful to avoid exposing their operation at the manual level.

To read more on my thoughts about this click here. Not on your ass! In fact it has increased. You're just hearing less about it because all the cheating news in the online poker world has been recently dominated by the big inside hole-card-reading scams at UltimateBet, Absolute Poker and elsewhere.

In fact, very little. Sleight of Hand is used in street scams such as 3-card monte and envelope switches, and also in home poker games by card mechanics, but in casinos and public cardrooms it is practically useless.

So do not believe Sal Piacente, Darwin Ortiz or any of the magicians and card tricksters out there who tell you that sleight of hand is a tool of the professional casino cheat.

Cheating is about timing, not about the hand is quicker than the eye. Do you really think that for a hundred bucks or so this kind of software would be available?

The answer is a flat NO! Don't fall for it! Believe it or not, I'm stumped by that one! But I'll tell you this: Watch for the telltale signs of poker collusion cheats both online and off.

I wouldn't say it is a lot in proporition to the amount of cash games taking place, but where it is happening it is very significant, and if you find yourself at one of the tables hit by skilled poker cheats you can get hurt.

The key person that they need to guard against is the dealer, so if you notice someone at your poker table seated next to the dealer on either side who is talking too much to him, check the opposite side for possible card-swapping cheats in action.

There have been hoards of casino and poker cheating teams, both professional and wanna-be's, flooding the Asian Peninsulas to hit the casinos in Macau and Singapore, but this could mean both good and bad.

When there are lots of cheating teams operating in a specific gaming and poker area, you might have the misfortune of falling into somebody's heat, especially if that heat has something to do with the type of cheating team you are.

So you pick up the chip Should you run right to the cage and cash it out? Then play a few hands, spins or rolls of the dice, THEN go cash out. Just answer those questions truthfully, but don't tell them you found the original chip!

As fast as iPhone blackjack card counting came, it is going to go. Soon iPhone counters are going to find themselves skulking around blackjack tables just to enter the count.

And besides, counting cards at blackjack with an iPhone is soon going to be considered felony cheating in most areas of the US because using any gadget to help you beat casinos is a crime!

So my advice to you iPhone users is to have fun with them and chat away, but do the card counting in your head. It's sure as hell trying but I do not think it will succeed.

But stay tuned as the battle wages! They are everywhere these days, aren't they! Not yet but they're working rapidly on it. To read more about this fascinating poker cheating subject, click on my magazine page and read the article entitled "New card-marking threats".

Okay, so you read my powerful reverse baccarat scam performed in casinos. So how can you protect yourself from falling prey to that or a similar reverse casino or poker scam?

Well, first off don't be greedy! This is especially true if you just met the person proposing the scam and potential victim to you, or you don't know him well.

Even though you are probably wrong, and probably losing to either bad luck or better skill if you're playing poker in the casino's poker room, but it is unlikely you are a victim to poker cheats and casino cheats.

But even if you really believe you are, there is nothing to do about it except leave the poker room or casino and find somewhere else to play.

Complaining to gaming commissions or other authorities is not going to get you anywhere, except maybe filling out lots of forms. So if you think you are being cheated at poker or any casino game, just take a hike or take a break!

These would be the online poker cheat sites that are set up by cheats looking to rob you blind through credit card fraud, identity theft or just not paying out money to winners.

Avoid playing on sites that you find inadvertently and have never heard of, or at least investigate them thoroughly before opening an account and giving up your credit card and personal info.

Don't get hooked by the fly-by-nighter online poker cheat sites. If rigged means there is cheating on online poker, then the answer is yes.

If rigged means that the online poker sites themselves are systematically cheating players, the answer is no.

Remember that these huge online poker cheat scams we hear about are only isolated instances of online poker cheating, no matter how big any individual online poker cheat scam may be.

Most of them are just trying to get you to buy their tracking and cheating software, however, some of them to provide useful information on cheating poker online.

For a more in-depth look into this subject, read this richardmarcusbooks blog entry. Seriously, cheating your casino from the inside just doesn't work.

You may get away with it for awhile, but then the problem becomes, when do you stop? The greed factor is a huge destroyer, and lots of times, even before you get too greedy and scam from the inside for too long, surveillance will catch on to you.

In the end, it is just not worth it. Keep your dealing job and keep dealing honestly. The answer to this one is rather simple: Because no matter how many times they get caught, they have nothing really to worry about besides a tarnished reputation.

There is no risk of jail time or fines, at least for the time being. Heck, I might be surprised if even the greatest alleged online poker cheat of all-time, Russ Hamilton, who is the accused UltimateBet scandal mastermind, ever does any time or pays a fine.

In the United States it is a definite No because any use of equipment to gain an edge on the casinos is considered a felony! In the UK, it is still unclear whether a roulette computer is considered a cheat device, and how serious a problem it is if you get caught using one depends on who you talk to.

In other areas of the world, there are no laws against using roulette computers, so do some research to verify which ones if you have a computer or are thinking of purchasing one.

Depends on how long you get away with it for and how much money you make. Go to today's blog entry to read about the latest couonterfeit chip scam.

If your bet on Well, of course I am only kidding, but I did do this several times, and had a heck of a lot of fun doing it! If you do want to read about some of my thrills running out of casinos with losing bets, click here.

It's difficult but can be done. One way I've seen it is when a player touches his face-up cards with a chip that he then gives the dealer as a tip.

While doing so he'll say something like, "Keep the good cards coming," which is a psychological ploy to remove the dealer's attention to the fact that he touched a card.

The result is that a tiny nick is left on the card that the player can see when the card is later in top position inside the shoe ready to be dealt.

More and more these days, poker and casino cheat videos are appearing on You Tube--and some of them are darn good! There are even videos of my famed "Savannah" move.

Does this mean that you can watch them umpteen times, learn the moves and then go out to the casinos and do them? So the answer to the question is really NO!

They may be pretending to be drunk at your home poker game, but they're not! Happy New Year to you all! Do not dare cheat the casinos or anyone else on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

If you do, you might have to answer to someone a bit more revered than casino surveillance or a gaming commission Get what I mean? If you're asking yourself why they would do that, the answer is simply to catch people talking about scams and how they're going to rip off the casino, with or without the dealer's help.

In my 25 years of cheating casinos, I never actually spotted anything on a table I thought was a bug, but I have heard rumors that casinos in London employed the practice.

I never heard about this in any other gambling venue. So, don't worry much about bugs in casinos, but don't make it obvious your scheming in them either!

When you're playing in a legal public cardroom, then you certainly should complain to the supervisors if you suspect someone is cheating.

But in other venues where you are not protected by a security force, you must be very careful about who you accuse of cheating, whether or not they are guilty.

In home games, accusing someone of cheating can be very dangerous, especially if you don't know whom you are dealing with.

Things in this fashion can get out of hand and become violent, as it recently did in a home game in the Philippines when poker cheating accusations turned very bad and led to murder.

Read about that ugly incident on my blog. What does this mean? It means what it says: Can it be done? Well, yes, but not easily.

To read more on casino cheat piggybacking, click here. The vast majority of them are BS artists who are really no more than magicians or people that read about scams and watch casino videos of scams taking place.

They then just simply pass off that info at their game protection seminars. My answer is gonna be short! I bet you think Las Vegas is the riskiest place for cheaters to cheat and that the "green" Indian Reservation casinos are the easiest, right?

In fact, it's the opposite. Vegas surveillance people think they know everything and they really don't. I have always made more money with the least problems in Vegas than anywhere else.

People who work at the Reservation casinos are much more conscious about their jobs and do them better.

So if you're a new cheating team starting out, why not start out in Vegas? Depends on the city. Many people think Las Vegas has the best intercasino surveillance and that if a cheating team hits one casino, the rest of the casinos on the Strip will know about it within minutes.

In fact, Las Vegas lags behind most of the world's casino areas not only in intercasino surveillance communication but in basic surveillance efficiency as well.

I have seen much better surveillance operations in Reservation casinos than in Las Vegas. But the absolute best intercasino surveillance communication is in London.

The Brits running casino surveillance over there alert all the city's casinos so fast when something goes down it will make your head spin!

They're also the best at most surveillance operations. It's when someone says to you, "I bet you even-money that I can roll double sixes box cars at least once in 25 rolls.

Therefore, they take the bet thinking the person proposing the bet is a sucker. But when the proposition is over the course of multiple rolls, cumulative probability takes over, and the break-even point for rolling double sixes is around 23 rolls.

So if you take the bet, you're the sucker! Yes, but only moves that do not get dealers or floor personnel involved. For example, my classic blackjack move where I bet a small amount, then switched in larger chips after getting paid and claiming the dealer paid me wrong, could not be repeated at the same table simply because you can't claim the dealer made the same mistake a second time on paying the same person.

But moves where bet sizes are altered before the payoff or where bets are moved from a losing number to a winning number at roulette before the dealer marks the winning number can be repeated until they take heat.

If you ever notice someone in your poker game constantly rubbing or feeling his arms, especially when wearing a long sleeve shirt or jacket, it may not be an itch he's tending to but rather an adustment to his holdout device.

Although rare in public cardrooms, cheaters often employ holdout devices in their sleeves in which they hide a card they'd earlier removed from play and then snatch it back out when they need it.

Often cheaters wearing these devices have to adjust the fit, or are just unconsciously touching it due to nervousness. Just like in any other field, legit or illegit, what you wear has an immediate effect on those observing you.

Because even though quality leather is classy, it is often perceived as slick. You don't want pit bosses observing you and thinking you're slick.

Now on the other hand, provocative dress can often help your cheating cause. Especially if you're decking out a hot babe who's part of your cheating team for the purpose of creating a distraction.

But most of the time, the credo "low key is low risk" is a good one to follow. Not unless he's a bad one! Cheating dealers who are good at dealing second cards will not leave you a telling sound as he slides that card out of the deck.

In fact, the best way to catch on to a "second-carder" is to watch his eyes when he peeks at the top card. Honest dealers have no reason to look at the deck as dealing is a robotical function, so if you see a dealer's eyes repeatedly going to the deck just before the deal, watch out!

Also, a dealer wearing sunglasses that shade his eyes is another sign of a cheater. Only people who know how to do the trick.

But the problem is that when the con man running the game spots a potential winner, he will immediately close up shop to prevent him from betting.

What I mean is of course you can keep lying away while playing poker, but you can't take any drugs to enhance your play. Nearly everyone thinks that if you are betting one color or denomination chip and then you press your bet or switch it for another bet when knowing the outcome but before being paid, you cannot do it with differnet denomination chips because of different colors.

That is completely false. By keeping that conformity, I was able to psychologically outwit the dealer. But that's not the real question.

The important one is "can they predetermine with accuracy a group of numbers or a certain section on the inner wheel where the ball will land?

Although I receive hundreds of e-mails from losing roulette players testifying to the lack of their numbers coming-in defying reality, to the point that their numbers come in as soon as they leave the table, I cannot believe legitimate casinos playing with a 5.

For those of you thinking you may have been victimized by casino roulette-ball-control, I suggest you chalk it up to extremely bad luck EVEN if is has happened to you repeatedly in the same or different casinos.

Of course you can They are the safest game in town! Collusion play is less than at conventional tables, there are no marked cards, no online bots, no crooked dealers and no hacking into the system If you don't know which horse or dog is fixed to win the race, then in effect the race isn't fixed.

At least not as far as your bet is concerned. Casinos often look to catch cheaters they missed at the tables cashing out at the casino cage, but smart cheaters know how to skirt that.

Smart roulette computer teams will know how to camouflage their advantage play and therefore get more action before casinos eventually pick up on them.

What they do is first play blackjack, baccarat punto banco or craps to establish themselves as legitimate high rollers before moving in for their kills at roulette.

I basically did the same when setting up casinos for my moves. Big football games on TV are prime working conditions for home game cheaters. While the honest players are busy watching and cheering at the screen, the cheaters are busy fixing, marking and doing anything else with the cards they need to in order to fleece you.

So if you're gonna play at home while watching sporting events on TV, watch the game you're in as well! And this goes for European football, cricket and rugby as well.

I am hearing more and more stories about online casino players who are running into problems getting paid their winnings because of the casinos finding out that they have duplicate accounts.

Most players complaining about this claim they didn't know about their previous existing account or simply forgot about it, but whatever the case, this is not a game you want to get involved in.

They won't care about taking your money when you lose having duplicate accounts; I've only heard about the issue with players having difficulty withdrawing their winnings.

So just avoid having duplicate accounts. The answer is yes, but only when one is trying to. Remember, standard casino cameras are never zoomed in that close without a specific reason, for instance when trying to detect card-marking scams or tiny electronic devices.

One thing their cameras could never detect, though, was the color of the bottom chip sticking out slightly in my Savannah moves.

It also ran in the Los Angeles Times. But did this famous craps system work, or did all those people get ripped off by cheating hucksters?

They got ripped off. Ain't no craps system that works And as far as that dice control stuff goes, those guys called the "dice dominator, terminator and regulator" and anything else that ends in "or" are all full of shit, and I wouldn't trust 'em as far as I could throw 'em Have you ever heard this statement: Casinos make too much money on the square and therefore would never risk purposely cheating their players?

So then is the aforementioned statement true? Virtually all casinos in North America, most of Western Europe and Macau are totally safe and free from organized casino cheating by casinos against the players.

The last incidents of this type of casino cheating in these "safe zones" were in the Caribbean in the s. However, as casino gambling has sprung up in far-flung places all over the world, don't think for a second that the word "casino" in a public place means you can gamble without the slightest fear of being cheated by the house.

In some Asian and Eastern European casinos, I am not so sure. Crooked casinos are rare but they do exist--even today.

The best thing to do is simply be aware that it happens, and when you note drastic playing-style changes of a player you're up against, it's very likely that it's not the same player, so you might have to adjust your style--without selling your account!

If you're a baccarat or mini-baccarat player, learn the third-card rule and pay attention while you're playing to make sure the dealer doesn't make mistakes when following it.

Unless, of course, a mistake is in your favor. As baccarat, especially mini-baccarat, becomes more popular in casinos, more inexperienced dealers are thrown behind the tables, and they often make mistakes applying the rule, because it is a bit complicated.

I would say that one mistake per 50 hands is a reasonable estimate even for experienced dealers. So if you fancy the game, learn the rules!

Many roulette players feverishly spread their bets over the layout as if in a race against time, which is sometimes the case when you're making loads of bets and the dealer wants to spin the ball.

UPM will further improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the Kaukas pulp mill in Lappeenranta, Finland, by upgrading the mill's production process with a EUR 30 million investment.

Although, key findings from the report project that during the forecast period, , the North American PET blow molder market will expand at a moderate pace.

Drinktec , qui ouvrira ses portes du 11 au 15 septembre, affiche une participation record. The author of the report says: Gaplast propose un applicateur innovateur pour seringues.

Pro Mach has acquired global high-speed labeling solutions provider P. The addition of Italy-based P. All global subsidiaries and management teams of P.

Labellers join the Pro Mach team. Nous publions ci-dessous l'Avis de l'Anses. Pourquoi pas des brosses mascara demain sur-mesure?

Avec la fabrication additive, on peut tout oser, ou presque. The Italian company Valmaticy will present at the Düsseldorf trade fair an innovative solution for single-dose packaging that has been designed for those who produce directly and for contractors.

Jindal Films, a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty films for the flexible packaging and labeling markets, will show many solutions at interpack.

The company also will present these recently investissements in Europe: From May 2 to 6 the world's leading fair Metpack at Messe Essen will set new standards for the metal packaging sector.

In addition to the range offered by the over exhibitors, the Metpack Conference on the second day of the fair will promote knowledge transfer and serve as a valuable networking forum.

A big step has been taken in limiting the environmental impact at Coveris. In order to avoid food waste, films suppliers are making sachets or trays more convenient to use, without impacting product protection.

En raison de la progression des ventes mondiales, le fabricant de produits capillaires, Dr. Ball Corporation announced the sale of its paint and general line can manufacturing facility in Hubbard, Ohio, to U.

The medicines we buy in the EU contain a package leaflet which should provide us - the user. EU rules in place since ensure this.

The Commission publishes a report to the European Parliament and the Council on current shortcomings in the summary of product characteristics, and puts forward recommendations on how they could be improved to better meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

The spanish converter Covinil is the first company to invest in the new Bobst Integrated Solution for the conversion of AlOx high barrier transparent films.

In july , Ball Corp. Now the Group intends to cease production at the company's Recklinghausen, Germany, facilities at the end of July Les contrecolleuses font preuve d'une grande polyvalence.

Souhaitant commercialiser ses jus de fruits, smoothies et nectars de fruits dans des emballages PET, Jus de Fruits d'Alsace filiale de LSDH a investi dans une ligne de soutirage aseptique.

Digiline Label-Offline is a system solution for central late stage printing and serialization of flat labels from roll to roll prsented by Atlantic Zeiser.

Tablettes et smartphones ont envahi notre univers. Les machines de conditionnement suivent le mouvement.

To plan for changes:. The new, easy-tear polyethylene pouch from Printpack, with single material structure, is entirely recyclable through the How2Recycle recycling stream.

Petcore-Europe organize on 1 February the conference: The future of the PET industry. Siegwerk, one of the providers of printing inks for flexible packaging, recently added a Labo Combi laminator to its Technical Center for the business unit Flexible Packaging.

MEAT-TECH continues to receive bookings from major exhibitors in the meat industry while investing in promotion in the biggest foreign markets and securing partnerships with the leading trade associations.

The show confirms its role as the major event for the market and provides constant support for the sector, producing its own Economic Monitor to constantly track the trends and developments in the industry.

Volpak Coesia company has a renewed website, designed for easy and accessible navigation for the customers as well as other users.

This website has been studied and structured according to Web 2. Easyfairs acquires Pentawards to complement its global packaging event portfolio.

Mais chaque entreprise a une organisation logistique qui lui est propre. Gerhard Schubert GmbH Verpackungsmaschinen and KHS, the specialist in beverage bottling systems, have brought together their expertise in bottle packing and combined their technologies.

The collaboration opens up a higher degree of customisation in packaging solutions for breweries and other beverage producers.

Je n'ai pas le temps! Lactel a choisi pour le suremballage du pack de son lait bio 6x1L le film Recyplast du groupe Barbier.

DS Smith presents its third Sustainability Review, demonstrating the continued commitment to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner.

La plateforme FM Logistic de Marolles-sur-Seine accueille, depuis septembre , la gestion des flux retours des magasins Lidl du nord de la France.

Cette extension est-elle un bien pour un mal? Films made of potato starch, fibers made of lactic acid, disposable tableware made of sugar cane: The market research institute Ceresana analyzed the global market for bioplastics already for the fourth time.

The Package Design Book 4. Qui dit nouveaux produits, dit nouveaux conditionnements, nouveaux habillages pour Prince de Bretagne.

Plastipak is pleased to partner with AriZona Beverages to commercialize in the U. Schoeller Allibert will present many new solutions among 29 new product development this year.

Pylote, the new player in the green mineral chemical sector, and Argo, a European leader in plastic packaging solutions, sign a mutual referencing agreement to provide innovative packaging solutions for greener, cleaner and safer unpreserved ophthalmic products.

Un niveau record, juge le syndicat. The global metal packaging industry has shown some signs of revivals as aluminium premium and tinplate prices have softened, though the market has still not been fully out of doldrums, said Commodity Inside, an independent privately owned company provides market research analysis, consulting and training to the commodities market.

Pour le voyage, Le Couvent des Minimes a choisi des petits formats pour son eau de cologne et son gel douche. KM Packaging Services Ltd has extended its range of market-leading lidding films with the launch of an innovative new resealing film, K Reseal, which can be opened and reclosed multiple times.

Piramal Enterprises a conclu un accord pour l'acquisition d'Ash Stevens Inc. Mondi will be showcasing a variety of packaging paper solutions from sack kraft and speciality kraft paper to containerboard.

Karl Finke GmbH produces its tailor made colorants on state-of-the art production lines in Wuppertal, Germany. The range of products, Finke will present at Fachpack, comprises granulated masterbatches and pigment powders as well as liquid dyes and coloring pastes for almost any type of plastics application.

Depuis 15 ans, le groupe Danaflex produit des films pour emballages souples. To further strengthen its position as a supplier of bleached chemical pulp for growing consumer and industrial end-use segments like tissue, specialty as well as packaging papers and board.

There are currently 65 million of people suffering from COPD that will be the world third leading cause of death in As first outlined in the FY results presentation last August, Amcor is focused on efforts to generate his own growth and more aggressively adapt to changes in the operating environment.

With installations in 13 countries, the company has provided solutions for diverse markets on four continents.

The EFSA Panel on materials in contact with food, enzymes, flavorings and processing aids CEF Panel which deals with the safety assessment of the recycling process has given its scientific opinion about many process used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials.

The reduce of the total weight of its finished bottle is from 18 to 14 grams: In the Asian market, Gerresheimer has six plants for the production of glass and plastic products.

This year, Gerresheimer Shuangfeng is presenting its vials, ampoules and cartridges for the pharmaceutical industry to the trade CPhI China.

Technavio has announced the top six leading vendors in their recent Flexible Packaging Market in Europe report.

This research report also lists eight other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.

How does data influence the PET supply chain? Does data determine some sections of the value-added chain more than others? Klöckner Pentaplast which has appointed Peter Heinze as new chief operating officer COO announces a capacity expansion at the Gendorf, Germany film production site.

Dynamic for the mastige, more flat for the luxury, the cosmetic compact market should profit from last advances in terms of materials, decoration and gesture offered by manufacturers.

The mass flow meter has gradually taken place in almost all PKB machines, like the new Massflofor example. It also considers the continuing synergies from Ardagh's acquisition of Verallia North America in , cost savings in the company's European metal packaging business and the USD million capital investment in two new can plants in the US, which Moody's expects will drive strongly improving cashflow over the next months.

Visiongain publishes a new page report on the global glass packaging. Aluminium and plastics suppliers compete to make the pharmaceutical blister packs more practical, more protective, lighter or just less expensive.

Constantia Flexibles launches a new aluminium packaging device called DryFoil that provides active vapor protection to ensure both greater effectiveness and safer comsuption compared with dessicant pellets use.

All beverage markets are concerned in lightweighting bottles and in adding recycled materials or bioplastics. Lyspackaging is developing bottles made of PET or PLA for fruits juices, wines or spirits, and is trying to integrate nex types of recycled materials.

In March, the EFSA Panel on food contact materials, enzymes, flavourings and processing aids CEF Panel had published the safety evaluation of the many recycling process based on the Starlinger Decon technology used to recycle post consumer PET into food contact materials: Campbell Soup Company disclosed its plan to complete a transition to cans which do not use Bisphenol A BPA linings by the middle of See Twitter Emballage Digest from 29 march.

RKW continues to be the largest polyethylene film extruding company in Europe, and is the only player consuming more than tonnes of polyethylene in according to the latest edition of AMI's report "Corporate performance and ownership among polyethylene film extruders - A review of Europe's 50 largest players".

Supraplast is shrink sleeve and adhesive label technologies company based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Les chiffres du e. In the competitive environment of the beverage industry, producers need equipment that is affordable, highperforming and flexible.

To meet these demands, Sidel uses Lean and Six Sigma methodology at all of its production sites. Comment expliquez-vous cette situation?

The annual production of glass containers was Bericap is strengthening its competences in modeling, is reducing the diameters and is launching a pipette cap.

Plastics that are biodegradable will not bring about a significant decrease in the quantity of plastics littering the ocean, a report from the United Nations Environment Program UNEP says.

Preforms are line-produced in multiple rows with the machine, which then allows more production pieces to be made and for individual customer needs to be realized economically and efficiently within a shorter period.

Il faut donc le flatter et surtout ne pas le culpabiliser. CPhI, the leading events portfolio for the global pharmaceutical community, announce a new collaboration with the Africa Pharmaceutical Summit APS , the leading international summit and exhibition series in Africa.

The project led to the development of a predictive model suitable to help customers in the optimisation of the dosing process of their products.

This market is projected to reach USD La Petite Robe noire lance sa ligne make-up avec deux produits qui marchent fort sur le segment du maquillage: Pre-filled syringes have become in recent years a popular pharmaceutical format for medical injections.

Filling machines compete to eliminate any risk of contamination: The Circular Economy Package can boost sustainable growth and competitiveness for the packaging supply chain in Europe, said Europen-The European Organization for Packaging and Environment: Entries will be accepted through Feb.

Ball Corporation plans to expand its impact extruded aerosol can manufacturing plant in Velim, Czech Republic. To meet ongoing customer and European market demand, the company will add a new line that will begin production during the fourth quarter of Mondi has decided to withdraw the application from the Commission and terminate the acquisition agreement.

MPUs enable food-safe co-packing at any given location: In future, food manufacturers can choose the most logistically, financially and legally efficient packing location.

Together with its customer, who at the same time was also looking for an ideal solution for producing pastry, Schubert developed a TLM final-packaging system for individually packaging croissants and Danish pastries.

Guerlain sait nous suprendre. Target him and press Up to recruit him into your posse. Before he can turn around, cut his throat.

Note that after you do so, he will fall to the ground quite differently than the other members of the population. As soon as he hits the ground, he will rise back up "from the dead".

Notice that when you use your flamethrower and are aimed at the floor, you create a small flame or a few that expire in awhile. When they begin to arise, the fire truck arrives and extinguishes the fire.

To do this glitch, eat something beforehand to prevent hunger. This may take some time. Do a fire line with your flamethrower of at least four flames horizontally with no cops nearby or they begin to chase you.

Keep watching the fire, centering by using the camera view, trying not to move CJ only if necessary. If the fire truck arrives to extinguish the fire, repeat this until you get a whirlwind of fire of a decent size.

When you get it, it cannot be extinguished. If you keep it centered with the camera view and watch, after awhile the fire truck leaves the fire alone.

The fire physics are strange, but if you move Right slowly and walk just a little bit, you can aim the fire.

Keep doing this and you can move it in a certain direction. Do not worry if the flames are close to you, they do not cause damage until you move CJ to the flames.

If there are pedestrians walking to the flames ,they will not suffer any damage, even though they do not runaway. However, vehicles can take damage.

To make them explode they must be stopped for a certain period of time. Try it on traffic lights or when another vehicle is blocking the path.

This is particularly useful on highways where cars travel at high speed. There are multiple wrecks and you can wait to watch them all explode.

You will not get a wanted level for doing this. Activate the night vision goggles and play any type of arcade game They Came From Uranus, etc.

When you exit the arcade game, CJ will still be wearing the goggles, but their effect is not there. Buy some remote explosives at Ammu-Nation, then steal a car.

Get out of the car and throw one at the drivers door, then open the door. The explosive will stay in the same place, and the door will go through it.

There will be a red circle to go into shooting practice. Get close to that circle, then throw over twenty remote explosives at that door.

Without pressing the remote, step in the red circle. You will go to the target practice. Complete round 1, then quit. When your out of target practice, notice there are no explosives by the door, but you still have the remote.

Go to Flint County. There should be a road to follow. Drive on it, and you will see a wall that leads off the to the side.

If you drive up and down that wall, you should fall through the ground. You may have to do it a few times. You must hug the wall for this glitch to occur.

Additionally, go to your safe house in Prickle Pine. Enable the "CJ jumps higher" code. Enter the safe house. Turn towards the entrance and jump up.

You should go over the wall and fall into blackness until you land in a field of grey. In front of you should be an incomplete version of the are where you saved Denise.

Buildings will be missing, but you can physically touch them. You should also see white letters that read "Ganton", "North Rock", and "Downtown".

Stand in front of it and mark the Four Dragons Casino. Then, enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and fly it toward the casino. You should also see four white doors, but they have the wall physics around them.

Go to the bottom of the water at the end of the island in Flint county. Enable the "Maximum lung capacity" code, then swim down to where you see two rocks and a large starfish.

Swim behind the biggest rock. Sooner or later, you will be able to walk on the bottom of the ocean. You can spawn vehicles and fire weapons.

Do not get out of the water or try to fly a plane or you will have to do this all over. Also, if you go too close to shore or out too far, you will respawn on the nearest island.

This glitch may take a lot of time to do and requires patience. When in CJ's home, get the spray paint can from his bedroom. Go to his lobby and spray in front off his mirror at a certain distance.

You will not see the spray in the mirror when spraying. Have a gun capable of doing drive-bys and go on a date with Denise riding in a motorcycle.

If she asks if you want some "coffee", say "Yes". When you are done and get back on your bike, you will not have the gun out. This will fix itself when you get off the bike.

There is a property to buy directly above Madd Dogg's mansion in the Mullholland area. You do not have to have buy it; just go there.

In the back is a waterless pool and a wall on the east side. Walk up against it and you will fall through an invisible wall and continue falling until you reappear back on the ground.

You can use the Jetpack to fly around in blue hell. This will not work after you complete the mission -- you should be playing a new file to do this.

Get a car and ram the wall in the front. You should either break the wall and go through or break the wall and get pushed back from the impact.

Then, drive in and you will fall through the ground and end up back on the street. Sometimes your car will disappear when you get put back on the street.

If you walk in, you will fall but when you are put back on the street you will not lose any health. Go to the Ganton gym and park a car in the doorway, with the hood touching the door.

Get out, jump on the hood, and walk inside. Once inside, walk back out again. You will appear in a hallway. Walk towards the wall, and you will fall through the world.

If you do not automatically fall, walk to where the iron support beams end. You will start falling. In a few seconds you will land around the billboard that is in front of the Vinewood sign.

Once inside, you will appear in a hallway. Enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and wear it. Walk towards the wall, and you will fall a short distance, then be able to fly under the city.

Enable the "Pedestrians riot" and "Pedestrians have weapons" codes. Enter the dance club and start the dance challenge.

During the dance, a pedestrian may have a rocket launcher and start shooting. More people will come in and watch you dance. If the pedestrians are too close, then you will be inflicted with damage from the rocket launcher.

If your damage has passed the point of making you wasted, when the dance is over the message will appear stating that you can dance to a harder track.

After the message disappears, C. Go to the police station where there is a toll gate with a policeman standing next to it. Hijack any police vehicle.

If you hijack a car or do a crime in that area, this will not work. Then, go in front of the gate and wait for him to open it.

Once he does, go inside and go straight. Stay in your vehicle. Park next to the garage door then get out of your vehicle.

Once out, go next to the building and your will see another booth next to the building. Go inside and kill the guard. Then, kill the booth man next to the gate.

Once this is done, go in the garage through the fire exit. Then, go next to a policeman so that he points his gun at you. He should say that he needs backup into his radio.

Kill him with a gun. If done correctly, he should be dead, but still standing. Once he gets off the radio, he should fall down and die.

Get a police bike, and go to the section of the tracks that leads to Red County if you keep driving. Keep moving your bike against the right side so that it sparks severely, but does not crash.

After about 30 seconds, you should fall through the map. The bike will fall and disappear, and CJ will appear somewhere on the map randomly.

When you are by your house on the hills directly behind the "Vinewood" sign, go behind the house where the pool is located. Walk over to the wall and go straight, where another wall meets that wall.

You will be able to walk through the wall, and if you walk in the correcl location, you will fall and the "Loading" message will appear. The game will place you on a road below the "Vinewood" sign.

Go to San Fierro's hospital. There are two different buildings that are connected by a walkway that is over the road. Go towards the western building hospital were the cane is located.

To your left should be an ambulance. Go towards the ambulance, and face the east building "across the road".

As you look across the road, you will see doors and a part of the building hospital that sticks out. Fly between the doors and the part of the building that is sticking out to reach the gateway to get in the hospital underworld.

To get back to the real world, sink down to the endless pit. CJ will respawn at the closest street. You can also fly though the opening of the hospital where you first entered the underworld.

Located in the Back O Beyond area is a tree that is leaning over a swamp. CJ can walk up the tree. If you fall off, make sure you have completed the Paramedic missions so that you do not die.

Go to the Back O Beyond area. The swamp water there completely makes any vehicle disappear, while in the water. Enable the "Recruit anyone into your gang" code.

Recruit three pedestrians, then get into an ambulance. Enable the "Flying cars" code and take off best done from your house.

Gain altitude for about one minute, then start the ambulance missions. Your pedestrians will bail out of the ambulance.

When in a helicopter, fly above the giant bridge and try to land in the middle. The helicopter will land in mid air, and you can get out and walk around in the air.

This cannot be done if you completed all the missions in San Fierro. Spawn a plane and a parachute. Fly north of San Fierro.

Go over the bridge and to the land. Then, go back and jump out and land on the thing with a parachute. Get that parachute and jump towards San Fierro.

Activate the parachute and CJ will die in the air. Start two player mode and get in a Leviathan helicopter. Land in the ocean.

Have the player in the passenger side hijack the driver. He will fall straight into the ocean and be able to just walk around and shoot instead of swim.

Get a rocket launcher or sniper rifle and go near a body of water. Jump in, and before you hit the water, aim and hold it.

You should be in the aiming mode of that gun. This also works with other guns. Start two player mode and choose the prostitute.

Enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and turn the camera towards her. While in any vehicle except for anything involving the law police, army or ambulance , set it on any radio station you desire.

Then, enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code. If done correctly, the last song that was playing on that radio station should be different. CJ will also be wearing a Jetpack inside the car, and his legs will be going through the bottom.

Move Down so that the railing moves up. Then, get out and walk up the ramp. You will either do one of two things. You will stop but remain walking if this happens, jump ; or you will walk straight.

As soon as you get under the top ramp, the packer will do some crazy things, such as tilt so that only one side of tires is touching the ground.

Steal a car, drive it to a safe location, and get out of it. Attach a remote bomb to the hood. Get back into the car and any car you hit with the one you are driving will explode.

Your car will not sustain any damage and you will not lose any health. Enable the "Deadly vehicle" code.

Get in a car then get out and have a few vehicles hit it. The car should start smoking and erupt into flames.

Get in the car and it will remain flaming, but will not explode. Enable the "Maximum lung capacity" code. Get in any vehicle and drive into the ocean.

You will slowly sink. Remain in car and it will get dark as you go further down. You will go through the ocean bottom. Stay in car and you will sink for about thirty more seconds before respawning near the closest road to the ocean.

This is best done when at a location with a tree that can be knocked down and a store you can enter. Get a car and drive it into the tree.

This should knock it down. Park the car directly over where the tree once stood. Enter the store by using the yellow upside down triangle, then exit.

The tree will now be sticking out of your car. After obtaining a katana, find a two player icon and activate multi-player mode. Have player two decapitate CJ.

Exit out of two player mode, and CJ will have no head. Additionally, play in two player mode with Denise and have the other player cut off your head.

You will lose the mission, but then can continue playing without a head and bleed forever. While at any Sub Urban store, take out a camera and zoom in on the mirror that is close to the changing area.

The mirror will disappear, and you can see the interior of an Ammu-Nation. When at a fast food restaurant such as Cluckin' Bell or Well Stacked Pizza , have a gun with you preferably a pistol , Go into a corner and aim.

Walk up to the counter and put the cross-hairs on the cashier's head. Shoot the cashier, and wait. The cashier should back up with their hands raised, say something, then fall to the floor.

This best done at Cluckin' Bell. Drive the car into the water and swim away. T Bone will be still in the car, but will not die.

Get another car, ignoring the "You left T Bone behind" message. Drive to the airport. While going there, you can still hear T Bone talking.

As you arrive, shoot at the targets and watch the intermission sequence featuring T Bone getting Mike Toreno out. There are four Latino gang members on top of the train that you have must catch and kill.

They have guns that they will shoot you with. Fail the mission intentionally, then find the train that they where on. Instead of gang members, you will see instead see floating guns that move and fire at you; they are invincible.

Get a rocket or grenade launcher and go near a river or beach with fish. Shoot the fish with a rocket or grenade. The fish will fly out of the water and swim around in mid air.

Go to any beach area. Swim a little bit underwater to find a school of fish, dolphin, or turtle in the shallow parts. Get back to the beach where you are neck deep in the water, but still able to use a weapon.

Aim the rocket launcher in the part of water where you last saw the aforementioned aquatic life. Fire off a few rockets. If all goes well, you should see a splash on the surface of the water and whatever you shot will come out and start flying around in the air.

Back up to the front of the Tanker and latch on to it. Drive forward, then turn sharply into circles. The Tanker should go flying through the air.

This may require several attempts. In Downtown Los Santos, there is an Atrium. There are two entrances; a front and a side.

When you enter the front door, the corner display correctly shows "Atrium". However, if you enter the side door, the corner display shows that you entered the "Attrium".

Climb the wall beside the house and jump on the roof. You can go through the windows. You can see your garage, shoot people through the window, and if you get a wanted level of 2 or more, can get policemen trapped in your garage.

Be careful; when you jump through the window and want to get out you must step back from the window and jump until you can cling onto it, then climb back up.

Check the map that was included with the game. However, in the game it is called "The Clown's Pocket.

Go to the level area of ground at the peak of Mt. Chiliad, where the mountain bike race is located. Take out a rocket launcher. Aim at the Mountain Bike.

The green reticule will home in on the bike. Fire at the bike and blow it up. Then, aim at the bike again, manually.

The second time around, the reticule will not automatically aim on the "wreckage" of the bike. When you fire a second missile at the bike, CJ will catch fire.

You can be 30 feet away and still catch fire. Also, the same effect has occurs when firing a missile at the bike to "blow it up", then shooting it with a sniper rifle.

However when using the rifle it will usually require two or three rounds before CJ catches on fire. Enter a car and enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code.

Your feet will appear through the bottom of the car. This also works with planes and helicopters.

With bikes, CJ will appear to be standing up on the bike. If a bicycle is upside down, it will catch on fire. However, it is very difficult to get bicycle to stay upside down.

Get a lowrider with hydraulics. Put the car in any hydraulic position desired. While holding the car in that direction, get out. You can see the car remain that way.

For example, have the back of the car raised in the air. When in a lowrider at night, look at the headlights and bounce the car up and down.

Notice that the lights on the ground stay in one location while the lights on the car move up and down. Go to the end of the pier with a Ferris wheel.

Enable the "Weapons" code and obtain a rocket launcher. Find the hot dog stand at the far end. Shoot it with a rocket launcher. Jump in the water under the pier, and you should see the stand floating in the water.

You can still buy hotdogs, even the vendor is dead. Go to the Cluckin' Bell. Take out a sniper rifle and look at the cups hanging on the wall.

They say "Burger Shot". Go in CJ's bedroom. There will be a camera beside the bed. Also, once you complete a certain mission, there will also be a can of spray paint in there.

The easiest way to do this is when it is at one of the stations. Then, drive it full speed to the bridges to the other islands.

You may need to use the entire city to pick up enough speed. Also, you must be careful around sharp turns.

The train will de-rail. This was done with the freight train. When you approach the bridge at the edge of the city, you will slow down, even if you are going very fast.

The train will pass through the barricade, as if it were a ghost. You will get a four star wanted level. There is a police bribe on the train tracks in the second city that you will pick up if you pass by it on the train, but your wanted level will immediately jump back to four stars.

Also, the train is bullet proof. You cannot die from bullets when inside the train. When in Los Santos, you will find that all bridges to the other two regions will be blocked by blockades.

Sometimes if you try to go through the blockade at high speed with a fast vehicle, it will go through and glitch, along with the AI vehicles that are following.

Enable the "Wanted level never increases" and "Flying car" codes. You can now go to all of San Andreas without the four star wanted level appearing.

This must be done again every time you load a saved game. Also, if you shoot cops with the "Wanted level never increases" code enabled, some cops will get out and walk away but others will fire their guns at you.

The following is a multi-step process which may take some time to get correct. Get the parachute located on top of the very tall building a few blocks from the police station in downtown Los Santos.

The building is shaped circular inside and "L" shaped on your map. Walk around to the northeast corner of the circular building and step into the yellow triangle to get the parachute that is on the roof.

Take it, and keep it do not switch to a weapon. Go back down and get armor from the police station. It is nearby and has two sets.

Do not draw a weapon in the station or you will get a two star wanted level. Drive up to the gate, climb up on your car, and onto the guard booth, and climb over into the airport.

Walk back around to the gate. It will open, and you can get your car and drive back in. Then, find the jet. It is called the Shamal and is located at the end of the runway.

Take off and get some practice flying, diving, climbing, rolling, etc. Next, choose a location on your map that you want to go. You can use the map screen to pin that location on the radar.

For example, choose the Binco store in Las Venturas. It is next to the Las Venturas airport and the highway.

Once you pass the city line, you will get four stars on your wanted meter. Because you are in the air, they will try to shoot you down with missiles.

Notice the two red blips on your radar that are fast approaching. Dive, climb, and roll and the missiles will miss. Do not forget to keep your eye on your target.

Once you are over your target and are very high, exit the plane. You will drop straight down. You must be high enough for your parachute to open or you die when you hit the ground.

When you are safely on the ground, start running. If you chose to go to Binco or another store, notice that you can go inside and buy clothes.

If you buy clothes, you will get rid of the four stars wanted level, as long as you remain in the store. Once you step outside, the four stars will return to your wanted meter.

Use the following trick to get to the other cities before their freeway entrances are actually open. Go to any bridge that connects the start of city of Los Santos to any of the closed cities.

Jump into the water that is under that bridge and swim across. When you get far enough, you will have a four star wanted rating. Once you get on land, get a vehicle as soon as possible.

You cannot use bribe icons or the Pay N' Spray to decrease this wanted rating. Go to either Los Santos or Las Vatos airport.

Go to the place that you would enter if you had a pilot license. If you try to get in the gate, it will say you cannot unless you have the license. Next to the gate is a small building.

You will need a small car or any type of bike BMX, bike, motorcycles, etc. Stand on top of it and jump on top of the building. Jump off and you should see a fence at Los Santos Airport.

Climb the fence and you will see a Dodo plane. Also, if you follow the runway east, you will see a small jet that is unlocked.

At Las Vatos, follow the same procedure.



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